100% owned and operated out of the United States


20MW in electrical capacity and quickly expanding to other regions


Turn key solution including security, electricity, and maintenance

about our project

Y2x mining provides a low cost managed hosting solution for cryptocurrency miners. With proprietary monitoring software and access to cheap electricity, we are able to provide a secure and cost effective way for miners to acheive higher profitability.


Our Solutions

HACS Intelligence System

A proprietary system which regulates and automates the ambient temperature of the facility. This acts as a safeguard to the hardware, while optimizing mining efficiency.

Low Cost Infrastructure

We buy power in bulk, and resell at a rate which is profitable to miners.

ASIC Monitoring System

A client portal for monitoring and management; giving you power over your hardware.

our partners


Founded by entrepreneurs who are long term miners themselves, BC Energy focuses on developing disruptive technologies in the decentralized ecosystem. The team is driven by their hunger for knowledge and desire to develop forward-thinking solutions that add legitimacy to the space through adoption.


Established by a group of experienced financial services professionals, technologists and entrepreneurs, the mission of Y2X is to be the leading technology driven platform that identifies, finances, and incubates the next generation of transformative ideas and businesses globally. Headquartered in New York City, the company's name and logo signifies its dedication to Ray Kurtzweil’s Law of Accelerating Returns.

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